Background Information

I have been in the automotive simulation workforce for approximately 4 years now (I was hired in February 2012), and have found myself diversifying beyond the field of strict automotive simulaiton. My inquisitive personality has taken me from automotive simulation to trying to improve methods of automotive simulation and office automation. This has moved me into learning more about computer programming, and as of present, I feel comfortable with the following languages:

Simulation Software Experience

Over the past several years I have aquired a thorough knowledge of the following robotic simulation software packages:

I have, in fact, used the behind-the-scenes Process Simulate XML customization tools to modify offline program output for Fanuc-Rj robots. This allows for more accurate downloading out of the Process Simulate than the standard Fanuc-Rj downloader allows, meaning less editing time for the manufacturing personell and more up time on the project. Utilizing the customization XML also provides flexibility; as the subcontractor you can distribute out versions of the OLP XML to outsource suppliers and recieve the same offline program format.

Project List


JACOBS Technologies AMS (Advanced Manufacturing Services) 2012 - Present

I have been with JACOBS Technologies AMS since February 2012, when it was still Trompeter Enterprises LLC (when the JACOBS Technologies aquisition had not yet occured), and have been contracted into KUKA Sterling Heights from then on. Since then, I have gathered all of the knowledge I possibly can regarding simulation and how to improve and the best practices to employ for each case in simulation. To facilitate this, I use my skills and familiarity with cutting edge programs such as Process Simulate and Teamcenter as well as creating programs of my own to speed up processes that otherwise take a substantial amount of time.

KUKA Systems North America, Sterling Heights Michigan 2012 - Present

I have been contracted into KUKA since the beginning of my employment and have been through multiple projects. The experience I recieve at KUKA is first class. Over the course of a few years I have been able to interact with a multitude of simulation softwares over a wide array of scenarios and real world jobs. Currently, I am using the Process Simulate XML OLP customization to create a template that Simulation users can utilize to create more accurate downloads for each customer. Since the Process Simulate program takes the XML and formats the resulting offline programs (OLP), outsource suppliers can more easily be compliant to KUKA's download specification as the XML can be created and sent to the suppier, and they can save the XML into their C:\ drive and have the exact same OLP download functionality as a KUKA Process Simulate user would.